Welcome to Harvest Lumber. We dismantle barns and buildings to provide antique lumber for flooring, furniture, and other antique wood products. Antique lumber has a color of such richness, it cannot be duplicated, only obtained by many years of natures changing seasons. Antique lumber is a Green Product reclaimed from structures that might otherwise be destined to be burned or placed in a landfill. Our goal is to preserve the American history and undeniable beauty found only in this lumber for you and your home.


At Harvest Lumber, ” We Take You From The Barn To Your Home.” We not only select the most beautiful lumber for our flooring and furniture, but preserve and pass on to you the history from where our¬†products come from. Our furniture is custom built and matches the enduring beauty of the original structure from which the wood is
reclaimed. The design, function and finish of our products matches the character, patina and timeless beauty of Antique Wood. We are constantly adding to our product line and invite custom orders.


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